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Found a young bird?


It’s really valuable to understand the different developmental stages of baby birds during this windy season, as the fledgling stage of a bird’s development is actually spent on the ground. Have a read of our fact sheet here, explaining these stages.


If you find a misplaced baby, please call Wildlife Victoria on 13 000 94535 and our operators can talk you through the situation. If the baby has indeed fallen from a nest or tree, it may be as simple as helping the baby back into its home. If you have discovered a baby bird outside of a destroyed nest, you could build a make-shift nest out of a few common household items, such as a plastic container (don’t forget to drill holes at the bottom to allow for water drainage), and some dry leaf litter. Hanging planters also act as great make-shift nests with very little effort from your end. Have a look at the video below for a great example!



Need help with a wildlife emergency?

Please call 13 000 94535 or click through here to log a case directly. Our service responds to all sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife enquiries.


Wildlife Victoria's Kid's Quiz

Need to check your answers for the Wildlife Victoria's Kid's Quiz? Scroll through to the very bottom of our RACV Wild Bytes - Stories From Your Backyard page


Don't forget to register for RACV Wild Bytes - Stories From Your Backyard!

Come along and learn all about wildlife in your backyard - we'll be telling you stories, providing tips to living harmoniously with our fantastic native species, and you'll hear from experts in the field. These events are FREE and we welcome all ages. You can register for an event in your area here.



Scotch College donate 40 hand-made nesting boxes!

Just last week we were lucky enough to receive 40 very well constructed possum, bird and microbat nest boxes from students at Scotch College. As a part of their curriculum, they met with Wildlife Victoria  volunteer Jen for advice before they began to design and construct the... Read more...

Introducing Isaac the Wildlife Warrior!

  You may have heard about Isaac – one of Melbourne’s most inspirational 8 year olds, combatting wildlife issues one animal at a time. In Isaac’s short life, he has already learnt so much about animals and has become a great advocate for saving... Read more...

Floods challenge volunteer wildlife shelter

September was a miserable month for much of northern, western and central Victoria with storms leading to severe flooding across much of the state. The small town of Koonoomoo, flanked by the Murray River at its northern boundary was heavily impacted. This is the home of the Dutch... Read more...