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What is that bird doing?..


At this time of year, masked lapwing pairs are nesting and starting to raise a family. They normally nest on the ground and like to choose open spaces such as ovals, parks or even driveways as a nest site. Sometimes they choose locations that look a bit odd to us (like nature strips or shopping malls) but the best way to help is usually to leave them alone.


To protect their young, lapwings will instinctively swoop intruders who get a bit too close – so it’s best to stay away if you can. Tampering with a nest is not only illegal, but it actually prolongs the activity as the determined parents will build a new nest in the same place if it is disturbed. Our advice? Enjoy watching these spunky and fascinating birds from a distance and in a few weeks, the chicks and their proud parents will move on.


For more information on how to respond to swopping birds, check out our fact sheet!


Need help with a wildlife emergency?

Please call 13 000 94535 or click through here to log a case directly. Our service responds to all sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife enquiries.


Wildlife Victoria's Kid's Quiz

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