Native Wildlife in Distress?


Please call 13 000 94535 or click through here to log a case directly. Our service responds to all sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife enquiries.



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 Over the past year, 297 animals have been reported to Wildlife Victoria suffering from despicable acts of cruelty. 

297 cruel acts is 297 too many.


Our native wildlife are supposed to be protected and while Wildlife Victoria is doing everything we can to respond to animals that are suffering, the State Government are doing very little to ensure that our wildlife are safe. With your support, we can continue to lobby the State Government to put native wildlife on the agenda and make their welfare a priority.


Please don’t let these beautiful animals die in vain. Together, we can ensure that justice is sought for malicious acts of cruelty towards our vulnerable wildlife. Lets’ show the Government that we do care about our precious native wildlife and sign this petition.


The welfare of our native wildlife is not a priority for government but you can have a say where your tax dollars are utilised by making a tax deductible donation to Wildlife Victoria to ensure we’re on call to help suffering animals.



Did You Know?


  • We receive an average of 180 calls per day, 7 days a week for wildlife needing our help;
  • We are NOT a Government Department and we do not receive government funding;
  • We are supported by an unbelievable team of VOLUNTEERS who rescue, transport, treat, care and release wildlife;
  • We are a CHARITY surviving on the generosity of our DONORS;
  • We currently DO NOT receive any CORPORATE sponsorship or assistance;
  • With our current level of resources our service is manned from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, at 7pm the service switches to a volunteer if available, if not, you can listen to a comprehensive list of alternate suggestions.
  • If you would like to help us please click here 


Happy ending for Ron, the swan

Ron, the swan from Sanctuary Lakes, who was reported to the Wildlife Victoria's Emergency Response Service when a member of the public saw it entagled in a fishing line, had a very happy outcome today. It required hours on the operating table for the hook to be removed, but has... Read more...

Ducklings orphaned on first day of shooting

On Saturday, the first day of the duck shooting season, Wildlife Victoria received a devastating call from a distraught member of the public who was shaking from what she had discovered - the dead bodies of two ducks who had been shot. On closer inspection she realised six ducklings... Read more...

Response to Koala Cull

4th March 2015   Wildlife Victoria is extremely saddened to hear reports of secret culling of koalas which appear to have occurred during 2013-2014. (The news article about this can be found here) While it is known that the koala population in the Otways region in Victoria... Read more...