2017 Summer Appeal

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One degree could be the difference for our wildlife.


Climate change is real. Increasingly warmer temperatures are having a devastating impact on our natural environment and in particular on our beautiful wildlife.


With Summer now here, the hot months can be devastating to Australia’s native creatures. Heat stress, extreme weather events and bushfires threaten all of our native species.


Mum GHFF river dip cropped no outlineAs the temperatures rise these coming months, so will the number of calls for help to our Wildlife Emergency Response Service.


Wildlife Victoria needs to be ready for our wildlife this Summer. And we can be with your help.


This past October has been our busiest on record, with over 12,000 calls for help to our Emergency Response Service. 7,163 animals - including 783 orphans - were rescued because of caring people who saw wildlife injured or distressed.


Heatwaves in the Summer months will see the number of calls skyrocket. And a bushfire breakout can result in the number of calls escalating dramatically.


This Summer could be devastating for Norm and his grey-headed flying fox friends. Read more about Norm here.


The grey-headed flying fox is one of Australia's most remarkable creatures. They play an integral part in regenerating our native hardwood and rainforests through pollination and seed dispersal. In fact, so many native plant and animal species rely upon the flying fox for their own survival that the flying fox is considered a ‘keystone species’. If they were to disappear, the effect on whole ecosystems would be devastating.


Grey-headed flying foxes are vulnerable and extremely susceptible to the heat. Nocturnal animals, they are defenceless during the long hot days in the sun. Rising temperatures, land  clearing, and other human factors is already having a shocking impact on this integral creature.


In the last 12 months alone Wildlife Victoria has received close to 500 calls to rescue grey-headed flying foxes.


Please give now so our grey-headed flying foxes - and thousands of other native creatures - can be rescued this Summer.


Our Wildlife Emergency Response Service needs to be manned throughout the Summer season to help any native creature in need.


With no government funding it is the kind support from caring people that keeps this essential emergency response service going.


Over summer, a speedy response is more important than ever as the suffering of injured or heat-stressed wildlife quickly escalates in the hot sun.

All it takes is a donation to ensure we can respond to calls to rescue and protect a beautiful and majestic animal like the grey-headed flying fox.


Can our furry flying friends count on you?


If you would like to see the grey-headed flying foxes come alive - in person - just click here for more information.


It may get one degree hotter, but the support we receive will be the difference for our wildlife this Summer.


  Donate Now


View Wildlife Victoria's Fact Sheet on safe fruit tree netting for flying foxes (and other native wildlife)


Visit the flying foxes and see for yourself! View Parks Victoria's information for visitors to the Yarra Bend Flying Fox Colony in Kew. Don't forget your camera, they're a pretty spectacular sight around dusk.


Thank you for showing your support for our precious native wildlife.


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