Wildlife Emergency Service: May 2017









Story of the Month


 EPP 180517 hand shot     EPP 180517



This cute Eastern Pygmy Possum was found by a member of the public at the bottom of a bucket at their vacation home.  They were unsure how long it had been trapped but called Wildlife Victoria right a way as they knew it was not a feral rat or mouse.  A local shelter rescued and will care for the 13 gram female until she puts on some weight and can be returned to her habitat!



Top 5 Species Reported in May






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Monthly Summary


Sadly, kangaroos continue to be the highest reported species to Wildlife Victoria, with over 500 reported in May.  Kangaroo rescues, in particular, pose a significant challenge to Wildlife Victoria due to the degree of difficulty for most rescues.  As the urban sprawl from Melbourne pushes into new areas animal/human interactions will rise, often to the detriment of our native animals.. When driving in areas where kangaroos are known to be present, reduce your speed and be alert for animals near the roadside.  If you do find an injured animal call Wildlife Victoria as soon as possible at 1300094535.